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ADVENTURES OF THE CREATOR - The Torture is Over...

Okay, I will make this quick but as of Sunday I can say I am around 80% back to full strength. The flu and pneumonia has run its course and I am finally back to almost normal. I got my stitches out on Friday and spent most of the weekend resting.

In case you wanted to see what pneumonia looks like in the lungs this is what you would see on an x-ray. In addition, after the pneumonia is cleared up then you are coughing up brown, yellow, and even green flem from your lungs as you wait to clear out your system. Not a pretty picture but they tell me I will be coughing for possibly the next three weeks.

I am glad I am almost back to full health because come Thursday I will be traveling to the St. Louis area to appear at 3 different Historical Conquest tournaments with a total of over 100 players. This is near where we hosted last year's Regional Tournament and now you know why. These three groups aren't even the majority of tournament s in the area.

Thanks for all your well wishes and kind words as I recovered from this illness. I am still considering getting my flu shot even though I experienced one strand of the Influenza Virus.

Until next week.

Your Friend, the Creator of Historical Conquest

Zack Edwards

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