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Why This Game is Priceless...


Historical Conquest™ is a unique and exciting card game in which players create personalized societies of heroes, villains, leaders, assassins, disasters, armies more from history and battle them against one another. Each card is complete with fantastic illustrations and intriguing summaries of people, places, and events from history. The abilities of each card used in the game relate to the abilities these individuals actually had during their lives. Due to the diversity of the cards, the possibilities are endless!


Each player needs his or her own Starter Deck of 50 cards to begin. Players collect additional decks in order to customize the set being played and to trade with friends. Expansion Packs add even more excitement and diversity. While Starter Decks contain cards spanning all of world history and geography, Expansion Packs consist of cards from a particular time period and its associated locations, such as the American Revolutionary War, the Roman Expansion, the U.S. Civil War, World War II, or the Wild West.  Play Mats are an excellent way to keep track of cards and scores.


With the onslaught of video games and television, many young people have lost interest in learning. The words and lessons of the heroes of the past have lost their flavor for our youth. Historical Conquest™ was created with the mission to bring history back into the lives of children through exciting game play. The game entices youth to learn more through fascinating descriptions of historical events, peoples, and places as they engage in epic battles and heroic adventures.

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