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How Historical Conquest Saved My Life...

The Founder's Experience


From the Founder:

The dream of seeing Historical Conquest™ become a reality helped me a great deal while I was in school. Because I had a project in mind when I was learning about English, Math, History, Marketing, Manufacturing, or Web Design, I always took the lessons to heart and applied everything I could find that was useful. Having a real life task to which to apply new skills and knowledge also helped me better understand and remember what I was learning. 


When you have a learning focus such as a product to create, a problem to solve, or a goal to accomplish, this stimulates and engages your mind and makes it more likely that you will remember what you are trying to learn. It was great to walk into class with a task to mine information that would help my product because it made any class more interesting. You don't need to have an invention or product in mind--think of other issues or problems that you could solve by using what your instructor is teaching. For example, my minor was Architecture. How could I make my classes more interesting? As an architect, I wanted to create a building that was completely unique, based on the Golden Ratio (if you don't know what this is, you should look it up... ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING!!!) Every day I went to architecture class thinking about my own design. I then went to Math class and investigated new measurements and equations that would improve my project. In English class, I gathered ideas for writing letters to people about how to accomplish certain designs. And on and on until graduation. I didn't graduate with worthless knowledge I would soon forget, but a wealth of information I could use to solve the issues that were important to me.


Make your education interesting by finding the ways it can help you fulfill your dreams.

Thank you for checking out our company. Expect great things to come from any school assignment in which you see value.


All the Best,

Zack Edwards

Founder of Historical Conquest™

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