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12 Years in Development to Make it Just Right

-   ABOUT US  -

In 2003, Historical Conquest was a concept product created as a college English class assignment. The assignment was to create a product that would change the world, but it had to be doable in a dorm setting. After that class the founder, Zack Edwards, took the idea and merged the market research and product development into other class assignments. At that point, Zack saw more purpose in his classes and the lessons he learned had more meaning to them.


One year later he was married and soon after his wife wisely told him to put the game away and get a real job. Even though there was a great deal of interest in the game, he saw the wisdom and sought other employment. This gave time to many life experiences and meeting many people who would change his life.


9 years later the founder was teaching a youth group of 9-16 year old boys about entrepreneurship and they wanted to see the game. After one game, they wanted more.


One year later, the 2nd edition was designed, printed, and ready to sell at our first convention. It took one and a half years before we were ready to quit our day job and do this full time. 

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