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Why This Game is Priceless...


From the Founder:

Historical Conquest™ was originally designed because I saw that youth were losing interest in history. This game stemmed from a college project to "create a product that would change the world." I noted that youth would rather play in fiction than engage their imaginations in real-life adventures. Did you know that for every character in fiction, there are at least 5 amazing figures in history with more exciting and adventurous lives than their fictional counterparts? History contains everything needed for an exciting adventure: heroes, warriors, plots, disasters, technology, assassins, and the worst villains imaginable.


My goal is to make history more exciting and enjoyable. This isn't merely an educational card game; a game like this has never existed before. I took the best concepts from the board game Risk, and the card games Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon, and the videogame Civilization and created one game, with every character in the game being an actual person from history. In addition, the story of each figure is built into the card itself.















I have traveled across the United States with this game, and met with overwhelming excitement at times, but we have now figured out how to stay ahead of the interest curve. In March of 2015, we introduced the opportunity for enthusiastic players and/or parents to host official tournaments across the US. In just three months, we went from hosting the first two tournaments to adding 52 Regional Representatives (tournament hosts) in 21 states. The game has taken off very quickly, and we need your help to keep spreading the message. If you would like to host tournaments (and make some money on the side doing so), email us. If you just want to share the game with a friend, that is also a great way to spread the word.

Thank you for checking out our company, and expect great things to come from any school assignment in which you see value.


All the Best,

Zack Edwards

Founder of Historical Conquest™

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