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Each player needs a Starter Deck to play the game. Expansion Packs help you customize your playing deck for a stronger hand, and Play Mats help you organize and keep track of your Morale Points.

Starter Decks
* Every player needs one to play, 7 to choose from;

* Contain 51 cards, a mixture of all times and eras;

* Pick the same decks to play with or all different ones.


Expansion Packs
* These are no necessary to have in order to play;

* Contains 20 cards, all from the same era, 9 to choose from;

* Customize and add to your deck with these cards.


Play Mats
* Not necessary to play but help make game play easier;

* With one all surfaces become flatter and easier to play;

* Tear, stretch, wrinkle resistant and machine washable. 


Beginner Package
* 2 Starter Decks;

* 2 Play Mats; and

* Everything you need for a two player game. 

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