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12 Years in Development to Make it Just Right


To set up the game, lay a play mat in front of you with the rectangles closest to you.

  1. Separate all Land cards, they’re blue and green on the face. Place them in the far right rectangle. This is your Land Pile.

  2. Place all other cards in the rectangle just to the left of the Land pile, face down. This is your Deck.

  3. Pull the top Land card from the Land pile and place it face up just left of your deck. Your civilization starts in this Land. Your goal is to protect that country.

  4. Pull 5 cards off the top of your deck and look at them. Don’t let your opponent see them. This is your Hand.

  5. The youngest player goes first. They can play or discard up to three cards from their hands. The first round is world peace, no one may interact, in the game, with an opponent.

  6. Play your strongest characters above the Land you want to defend. All Lands must have at least one Character. Unoccupied land may be claimed by someone in the same continent or an existing Explorer.

  7. Events, Technology, and any other non-Character (minus Army cards) are placed above the Deck. This is called your Active area..

  8. There are 2 rectangles in each column but you can place up to 4 Characters above each Land. Only 1 Army per.

  9. Explorer cards discover a new Land when played. Grab the top Land from your Land pile and place in the 1st row to the left of existing lands, there's no limit to the amount of Lands you can have.

  10. Some cards give you Morale points. This number is tracked on the top of each Mat. If you reach 3,000 you win. In order to attack, your Morale level must be above 800 points.

  11. You may attack an opponent’s Land in the same continent. To attack you declare which Lands will be competing.

  12. The Attacker counts the 1st numbers on the bottom right corner of all the Character/Army cards in the attacking Land.

  13. The Defender counts the 2nd number on the bottom right corner of all the Character/Army cards in the defending Land.

  14. Whoever has the highest points wins.  

  15. INTERRUPT cards from your Hand will help defend your country during an attack.

  16. If Defender loses the battle, they lose one Character from that Land to the Discard pile, just above the Land pile, face up.

  17. If the Attacker loses, they lose 100 Morale points from their civilization.

  18. You may attack twice per turn, unless a card like the Alamo tells you otherwise.

  19.  At the end of a battle, if there are no cards to defend the defending Land, the Attacker may claim it. Put it in their 1st row.

  20. The first person to collect all his opponent’s active Land cards is the winner. This is World Domination.


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     - Printable Version (PDF) - Page 1 (Rules), Page 2 (Example Play Mat)


       - Rule Sheet - Front Page (Click Here)

       - Rule Sheet - Back Page (Click Here)

PRINT A COMPREHENSIVE SET OF RULES - Prepared by a Fan (Victoria H.)

      - Printable Version (PDF, Click the Icon)

      - Comprehensive Set of Rules (Click Here)




     - Printable Version (PDF, Click Here)

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