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Most questions in this game can be answered by common sense and historical precedent. However, here are a few questions that  may require further clarification.

QUESTION: I have a question about how the Lands work if there is more than one on the battlefield. I understand that if two players have Argentina then it is considered a civil war, and if you lose to a player with the same Land as you that Land is discarded, but what happens if I win Argentina from an opponent, and then I play an Explorer and discover Argentina. 

ANSWER: Think of what happened to Germany when the Berlin Wall fell. Instead of there being West Germany and East Germany, it became just German. So no player can have a duplicate on the same battlefield. If you win the Land and later discover one with an Explorer, since that Land is already discovered it would be placed in the discard. And you can't draw another one because many time Explorers discovered the same Land as other Explorers and never got credit for it. So in cases of have a duplicate on your own battlefield the owners must discard the card and you end up with only one in that battlefield.

- Giovanni C.

QUESTION: My opponent stacked his deck with Morale Boosters and wins the Game too quickly. How do I combat this?

ANSWER: You can do three things: 1) Challenge them to a game of just World Domination. This eliminates all the need for Morale booster except that they still need 800 Morale points to even attack their opponents. 2) According to the rules he can only accumulate 800 Morale points per turn. Some families have instituted a "house rule" of only 500 Morale points per turn to make it more fair. 3) In about 2 months we will be releasing our next Starter deck that is filled with Morale downers. This is the equalizer deck that counters all these people who play by stacking their decks.

We are working out additional ideas to keep the stacking from being a problem, if you have any great ideas, please share them with us.

QUESTION: What if no one has a Land from the same continent and we can't attack each other?

ANSWER: Well in the rules it states that Explorers may transport one Character or Army card to another Land, one Explorer per turn per player. This Land they move to does not have to belong to you.  It can be your opponent's. So when you have an Army in a Land with an Explorer, transport that Army to another Continent and attack that Land. Highest points win. If, at the end of the 2 attacks, there is one or more of your opponent's Characters/Army cards still occupying the Land, send your Explorer and Army/Character home. If you discarded all their cards in the defending Land take it over and bring it to your side. 

BIG HINT: Explorers are the most valuable cards in the whole game, besides Land because they 1) find new Land, 2) transport cards, 3) attack different continents, 4) have all their own abilities. What card is better than that? 

QUESTION: Do I purchase different-themed or the same-themed decks?

ANSWER: While two players could play using identical decks, the game is much more interesting when different Starter Decks are used. Each Starter Deck has its own unique set of cards, not based on a particular theme or time period but spanning world history throughout time. Each player needs his or her own Starter deck to play (minimum of 50 cards). Expansion Packs, which are based on historical era or event, have 20 cards each and may be used to enhance or customize a player’s personal deck.


QUESTION: Does each person get a deck or are all deck shuffled together and cards dealt?

ANSWER: We suggest that each player receives their own deck of cards and keeps that one. Trade, customize your deck, and then put them in multi-colored sleeves to distinguish whose is whose. ( )


QUESTION: How many people can play? 

ANSWER: You can play with up to 10 players, but the best games are between 3-4 players. With more players, it takes longer to go around the table, and with fewer players, less strategy needed because there fewer players to keep track of.


QUESTION: What do I purchase so at least 4 people can play?

ANSWER: The best package to buy for a family or group of 4-6 is the Ultimate Package because it gives you a 30% discount on the complete set of Starter Decks, Expansion Packs, and 2 Play Mats, which help players organize, learn, and play the game. Additional Play Mats may be purchased if desired.


QUESTION: What is the age range for this game?

ANSWER: The recommended age is 8 to adult. From the founder: "My son started playing at 6 years old. He is now 7, and is a master at the game, but this is not the norm. We suggest 8 years old for beginning play, because this is the age when most youth begin to really comprehend what they are reading. I used this game as an incentive for my son to learn to read, because his 8-year old sister was able to play. They are very competitive, so he virtually taught himself to read through his desire to play.


QUESTION: Can you tell me more about this game?

ANSWER: Here is the link to learn more about the game:


QUESTION: Shouldn’t the RUSSIA CARD be classified as EUR-ASIA, like Egypt is AFRO-ASIA?

ANSWER: When we created the game, Russia was one of our first Land cards, and we only allowed a Land card to reside in one continent. Later on, my partners and I decided to go ahead and accord Egypt this dual status, but never made changes to other Land cards. Russia is one Land that could fall under this same dual-continent status as it is a Eur-Asian Land. We will take this into consideration in our next printing. Thanks for the suggestion and question. We always appreciate input from our players.



ANSWER: Each year, on or about September 1st we send out information about the contest. We have created a Google form for you to fill out that will ask for the card name (whether it be a person, event, document, etc.), a short summary of the history, and the abilities the card should have for the game. The winner will receive a cash prize ($500 in 2017!), and the top 12 creations will have their cards printed and win a stack of them to pass out to friends and family. The top 12 cards are rare cards thay may be earned at local tournaments, and may also be earned by players who submit an essay about the “Rare Card of the Month.” These rare cards will not be sold in decks or packs. You can enter as many submissions as you like. We may also choose some figures from the contest in creating new Starter Decks, even if they aren't in the top 12!


QUESTION: Does the ATOMIC BOMB (Technology card) destroy all cards occupying the Country it is played on or does it just destroy Characters? In other words, are Armies safe?

ANSWER: The Atomic Bomb eradicates all cards occupying that Country, even Armies are destroyed.


QUESTION: The SPANISH ARMADA card’s ability is not possible, because there is no Spain card available for purchase.

ANSWER:  This is true, for now. The Spain card will be released in the next Starter Deck. We were hoping for a faster release, but experienced such an enthusiastic response and high demand for the game that we had to focus our attention on meeting that demand first. We will be releasing it soon.


QUESTION: FRENCH MUSKETEERS & THE CANADIAN PROVINCE OF QUEBEC both have an ability giving 300 Strength if there is a French Leader in the Country. I cannot find any French "Leader" cards.

ANSWER: This card demonstrates the need to learn a little more about the Character cards you are playing. For example, even though Napoleon is on a Conqueror card, he was in fact a French military leader who also happened to be a Conqueror, and so these abilities may be awarded if he occupies that Country.


QUESTION: Why does the Gladiatrix card say Army in the top corner, but its Strength is 600/300.

ANSWER: An Army is classified as more than one warrior. Those Armies that were not strong, despite being in a large group, were given smaller strength points. For example, the Steel Workers small in size and the fight didn't last long.

QUESTION: What does it mean when a card reverses the effects of an Event card?

ANSWER: Reverse cards play that ability back on the player who originally played it on you. Be aware though, that someone can reverse a Reverse card. That can really make the game interesting!


If you have any further questions that have not been answered, please ask them below and you may just help someone else who had the same question.

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