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The Mystery of Amos Fortune's Daughter...

His name in English was Amos Fortune and his birth name was At-mun. Amos was born in 1710, and he was a prince of the At-mun-shi tribe. He was fifteen when he was captured by slave hunters in 1725 and brought to Massachusetts. There he was sold to Caleb Copeland.

When he turned sixty he paid for his freedom. At the age of seventy, he settled down in New Hampshire, where he purchased twenty-five acres to live on. Amos built a house and a barn, along with a tanyard with a brook nearby. He got a job as a tanner (in other words, he skinned dead animals and treats their hides so they don’t rot and mold then makes things like a tablecloth carpets doormats).

He had three wives. The first wife was named Lily. When she died, he married Lydia. Both of them were African women. Then he married Violet, and they adopted a young girl named Celyndia. He passed away in 1801 at the age of ninety-one.

Amos Fortune was a good man who experienced the horrors of slavery. After he bought his freedom, he worked to help others become free themselves. When he died, Amos left the town of Jaffrey $233 for education and left the Jaffrey Congregational Church $100. What happened to Celyndia after Amos and Violet passed away no one knows. If I find out, I will ask my parents to email you.


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