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The Christmas Miracle Truce

Silent Night, Dec 24, 1914

It was December 1914, when WWI soldiers realized that maybe the war wouldn't really end by Christmas. They were getting more homesick as the days dragged on. They received letters from home, making them even more homesick, which of course didn't really make them better fighters.

But on Christmas Eve a soldier heard something curious from the enemy trenches. Singing! He heard singing! During the worst possible time, fighting frostbite and homesickness, he heard singing! Even though the song was sung in a foreign language, someone pointed out that they recognized it as Silent Night. The soldiers started singing along in their own language!

The next morning was Christmas day, and one soldier decided to take a risk. He slowly stepped out of the trenches. This was one of the worst things a soldier could do during WWI. Merely poking your head up to see what’s going on could get it shot off!

The soldiers on the enemy side prepared their guns to fire, but they realized he was holding a small Christmas tree! More men started coming out of the trenches. Then enemy soldiers started leaving their trenches too! They shook each other's hands and made friends with their opponents! Some say a proper soccer match was played.

This incredible event still amazes historians today! In certain places this "truce" ended later that day, but in other places it lasted until the new year! This is something we will most likely never see again.

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