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Founder Post: New American Revolution Curriculum!

You asked for it and we listened! Historical Conquest is creating our very own curriculum. This online, interactive tool has never been tried before, but we’re making it happen. Our encyclopedia of fun and knowledge is jam packed with information about your favorite historical people, places, and events. You’ve never seen history like this before.

We have activities ranging from food, music, folklore, reenactments and more! There are games (like the one featured below) that’ll inspire children, and show them to what life was like in the past.

We’ve also created lesson plans complete with their own unique activities, worksheets, writing prompts, and enrichment ideas. Want to create your own lesson plans? We’ve got you covered there too with our easy to use Create Your Own Lesson Plan template.

That’s not all. Each American Revolution curriculum comes with an expansion game. Yep, that’s right! An American Revolution expansion game, so you can play Historical Conquest along with your lessons!

The first era we’re conquering is the American Revolution. So get your tea ready, because we’re headed for the harbor.

Curious about pre-ordering? Email us at:

Sneak a peek down below:

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