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Earn Free Math Dice By Helping Spread the Word

Even if you cannot financial support this game, we have a gift for you for supporting it through word of mouth. Math Dice is a revolutionary way to play any game that uses dice. This is a patented process created by Totally Medieval, LLC to create the epic math game of Totally Medieval but soon became much more. Guided by certain beta-testers, they showed us that these were very effective in other games such as Monopoly, Life, and even Risk. Replace your dice with these cards and transform any board game into an epic math lesson.


We are asking for your help. As a thank you for spreading the word and having people support Totally Medieval we are giving away Math Dice. For each person who signs up for Totally Medieval and you email us their name, we will provide you with a free set of Math Dice, including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fraction, all the way up to Algebra 1, and in the near future we will also include telling time, money, and much more.

So please spread the word about Totally Medieval and help us fund this amazing game. We are already a third of the way to being funded and we can make it the rest of the way with your help. If we go further than our goal we will be releasing additional phases of the game early.

Register today and gain access to a sneak peak of the

Totally Medieval and Dice Card Promo Video:

To see our Kickstarter:

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