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The American Revolution Curriculum is now Available

The First Section is Free, Everyone Can Check it Out

As promised, September 10th we are releasing the first of its kind fully digital, interactive, and student driven curriculum. The American Revolution curriculum section #1: The Road to War is now available for all to see FREE. Those who would like to finish the curriculum may purchase further volumes. The new American Revolution Expansion Game is on hold until the student gets past section #1 as both a reward and reinforcement tool to solidy the information they have just learned from the curriculum.

This is the most indepth American Revolution curriculum out there on the market including African Americans, Women and other that played important roles in the war but were not credited in modern day textbooks, with names like Salem Poor, Deborah Sampson, and Sybil Ludington.

As you will see inside the curriculum, there are links, videos, and other media to help with making the learning process enjoyable for students.

American Revolution Expansion Game - Price: $49.99

American Revolution Expansion Game + 80% Retention Curriculum - $79.99

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