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So, some of you may have heard, I, Zack Edwards, am a very rare case. More than all the things I do but also for the medical conditions and miracles I have collected throughout my 37 year of existence.

This week we have found out that I am in the .0001% of people that catch pneumonia. I am one of the rare ones that catch it twice in a row. They say that I most likely caught the second stand of pneumonia batteria from the hospital that was taking care of me. I am now quarantined to my house for the next two weeks. Let me just call it as I see it, I'm on house arrest. To some it may seem nice and you would love to join me but think of it as this way... YOU'RE GROUNDED. My medical condition won't let me do much. My inability to leave the house makes me feel restricted. I can barely walk down the street without getting lightheaded or needing to rest. With all the ailments you would think that I would be grouchy, right?

Actually, I still have my health, besides pnemonia. Someone told me of a 25 year old young man that died from pneumonia. My prayers go out to his family. I still have a family with four amazing kids. I have a house and all the normal things for survival. A dog that loves me a little too much. She is a black lab and thinks she is a pup. So I am very happy for what I have been blessed with. I am happy to know what the issue is and that modern medicine can help me, twice in 2-3 weeks.

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