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(Yes, I was actually wearing a Historical Conquest Tesla t-shirt in the hospital)

For all those who asked what happened to the Historical Conquest newsletter last week? Where is Zack Edwards? I am still alive, and we are still publishing but since our last installment of the ‘Adventures with Zack Edwards’ a lot has happened. In the last letter you read that I was very sick. But this didn’t stop me from getting into a big fight. So big it led me to a three-day hospital stay.

That is right, I said I got into a fight… with the concrete. It won. ☹ But I did get one big swing at it… with my face (look at the images to see more). 5 steristrips to the eyebrow and 3 stitches to my chin… and now my beard is growing in around the stitches… good luck nurse with getting these out.

I was also held hostage for three days and had to negotiate my own hostage release because my doctor wouldn’t release me to go home until my fever came down. Yes, after the social worker left our negotiates, the doctor came back and the first words out of her mouth were “Let’s compromise…” My plan had worked. I was going home.

As of last Friday I returned home and have been trying to stay as relaxed as possible, minus getting some backorders out, catching up on some birthday cards, and a few other pieces of business that needed to be taken care of, but I don’t think that was too much. Do you???

Sadly, my strength is only 70% of normal so I am stuck in my weakened state but I can still help out around the house and herd four kids off to bed and read an occasional bedtime story.

The truth is that before all this happened. I was trying to run around 6 businesses all at the same time and, with the help of my accountability partner, have decided to close three of those businesses and only focus on Historical Conquest, Totally Medieval, and Flipping Houses as my get away from the office. Yes, I work for fun, but building is a getaway, believe it or not.

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