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A Load of Blarney: Ireland

Deep in the historical Blarney Castle, in County Cork, Ireland, lies a 330 million year-old slab of limestone built into the castle wall. This stone is the Blarney Stone, or the Stone of Eloquence. According to legend, by kissing the stone you receive, “the gift of gab.” In simpler words, it makes you good at talking. (11)

Blarney Castle is a 15 th century building in the notably small town of Blarney. The first castle was made of wood, and later reinforced with stone. Finally, Dermot McCarthy, the King of Munster built Blarney Castle as it is known today. (12)

The Blarney Stone is one of the most popular attractions in the country of Ireland.. To be granted the “Gift of Gab” you not only need to kiss a 330 million year-old slab of limestone, but you need to kiss it upside-down, hanging your head off a ledge.

The Blarney Stone has many legends of origin. Some people say that the stone came from the ancient structure Stonehenge and others believe that it was once used by Jacob as a pillow and later brought to Ireland by the Prophet Jeremiah. Other legends indicate that the Blarney Stone was actually the stone that would gush when struck by Moses or that it just might have been given it's powers by the witch that McCarthy had once saved from drowning.

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