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Cinco De Delicioso

It's the beginning of May, which means Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner. However, for many folks the importance of Cinco De Mayo goes unnoticed. Some say that Cinco De Mayo celebrates Mexico's independence. This is a misnomer. Mexico's Independence Day is September 16th. May fifth celebrates Mexico's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla during the Second Franco-Mexican war, And while we may have a monolithic view of Mexican culture at times, Mexico as it is today is the result of numerous cultural influences over hundreds of years. For example, French immigration into Mexico during the 1800s resulted in a number of French recipes being brought over and made their own by the Mexican people. One such recipe, is Pan Dulce or "sweet bread." While there are many variations on sweet bread we've included a link to a basic recipe down below. After all, what better way is there to experience history than through a medium that engages all of our senses? So get the family together and make some Pan Dulce today.

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