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Pax Romana: The Roman Peace

What does peace mean in America? Does it mean that most of the people in the country agree with the president and his laws and beliefs? Does it mean that we aren’t currently fighting any wars? Before we make any conclusions, let’s look at a time of peace in one of the most bloodthirsty nations in the ancient world: The Roman Empire.

The emperor Julius Caesar had overthrown the Roman Council, making him the most powerful man in the entire Roman Empire. Before the reign of Caesar, the Roman Council had made decisions as a group. As you have probably figured out by now, the Council did NOT like all the power the emperor had. So they did what Romans did when they didn't like a ruler: they stabbed Caesar to death!

After that, you’d think the Council would rule peacefully over the Roman Empire. Nope. The people were confused. Should they keep to the old ways, and live underneath a council, or follow Caesar’s ways and live under a dictatorship? They decided to settle it with a gladiator-style battle for supremacy.

Caesar’s very own adopted son, Octavian, won the title of Emperor. He started the Pax Romana or Roman Peace. This meant better roads, restored temples, and more power to the arts such as sculpting and architecture, philosophy, and science. Of course, Rome still fought wars, but something strange started happening. The Romans were losing battles! As they lost, the rest of the world lost the Pax Romana and the beauty of the Roman Empire.

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