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How to Be A Spy

Juan Pujol Garcia - Part 2

Spies use a variety of tools or weapons to track, find, or follow enemies. They gather information and communicate through radios or secret code, and often have to dress up, act, and talk differently to hide their identities.

For a brilliant disguise, smart spies have to change their appearance and how they act. A spy might need to wear a false mustache, or a wig. They could dress differently, or use props like a suitcase or a cane. Another option is wearing contacts or glasses.

If a spy needed to act like a businessman, he might wear a suit, fancy shoes, a tie, and carry a briefcase. If he needed to be a shop employee, he would need a different outfit entirely.

Most agents need a cover story. This means spies need passport, IDs, and a normal picture looking like him.

Communication is important to spies, especially when it is secret information. They can use decks of cards to escape prison. For each card in the deck, you would be able to peel off the top of the card to reveal a piece of a map. Another secret form of communication was Morse code, using a series of long and short blips, or lines and dots. Ciphers were also used to send and receive information. And secret drawings were often disguised, like when some people drew fortresses as animals to show their country what the fort looked like. Successful communication often meant success for a spy.

Spies usually have an arsenal of tricks and tools that they use to help them and to keep out of danger. They often wore knives to kill or escape. Other weapons, like an umbrella, would shoot blow darts at the tip of the umbrella. Guns or knives could be disguised as pencils.

We know spies use a variety of tools to complete their missions.

They have sneaky disguises to hide their identity. They send coded messages to secretly communicate to each other. They also use well hidden gadgets to survey other people. Secretive spies have to use many tricks to do their job.

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