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Creating Hundreds of Published Authors

When we began the Rare Card Program, we made it a packaged deal. Not only did you have the 'Create Your Own Card' contest, where players submitted their own cards ideas for a chance to win $500, but you had the Rare Card (L)earning Program, giving you the chance to claim those rare cards through essay writing. We also wanted to give youth the rare opportunity to have their essays published. So far, we have published dozen's of essays, but soon we hope to publish hundreds.

Imagine a 9-year old being able to tell everyone "I am a published author," then showing them where their work was published.

To make this opportunity possible, we are creating a book for Christmas made up of all the CYOC contest winners, as well as essays from the Rare Card (L)earning Program. We'll only pick the best essays to publish in book form, so keep working hard on your writing.

When the list of essays is finalized, we'll send the author an email asking for permission to use their work. We hope all will accept this great opportunity.

This book will be available in November and December for a limited time.

We want all students to be able to participate in this amazing opportunity. If you have any questions please ask If you would like to register for this opportunity and the Rare Card (L)earning Program please register by pushing the button below.

If you want the chance to be published in this book, please register today for the Rare Card Learning Program:

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