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The Revolution Begins...

This is not just any book about American History about the Revolutionary War and what came before and after. You do not just read this book, you experience it. In this book you will not just read words, but you will interact with the book and, to find more information on each subject , you will visit our website:


Why connect a website and a book you may ask, because there are too many topics and too much information in each unit to fit it into a book. We want you to be caught up in this web of information, diving deeper into information you may want to know. Think of it this way, most curriculum and textbooks give a bird’s eye view of an event in history. They never really talk about what it most important and the most interesting, the people and the moments. Why would you ask, do they not provide as much information as possible, because it is extremely expensive to produce this content-rich material. Therefore, we are designing this book to entice you to go a little deeper, ask questions, and find out the truth for yourself, not just taking information you are given at face value. We provide you a bird’s eye view from this book and then tell you what units in our library of historical topics to search out.

For example, in our first chapter we will talk about Mesoamerica, diving deeper into the people who populated this land, including the Olmec, Maya, Inca, and Aztec people. You then get the opportunity to learn more about those by searching on our website these topics. In those online units you will find fun and thought-provoking text, amazing illustrations and historic images of the topic, fun videos, activities for each unit that help you remember what you learned and so much more.

The Revolution Begins History Book - Most In-depth with More Context

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