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Game includes: 1 Polyeurethane Playmat, 32 Chess Pieces (Painter Grey Figurines of Knights and Vikings). This is the chess game of Totally Medieval.


Totally Medieval is an adventure game set in Medieval Times where your side, Knights or Vikings, travel through wastelands and gather Armies to attack your opponent in hopes to take their strong hold. This chess set contains the complete chess set and mat. Pieces for both sides are primed and ready to paint how you want them.

This purchase is for 32 figurines modeled after Knights or Vikings during medieval times and the Totally Medieval Chess Board. It is made of a polyurethane foam mat with a cloth surface which means, if you spill on it throw it into a gentle wash cycle in you laundry. This also allows you to carry it around and play on nearly any surface.

Great set, compact size. Great Gift for all ages of players. Each chess piece is individually protected in formed compartments inside the box and the chess board is rolled up in it's own compartment. 


Soon, we will be releasing other groups from history and fantasy, including Samurai, Mongolians, and then eventually dragons to the mix, to fight for survival and total destruction of their opponent(s). 

RETAILER: Totally Medieval: Chess Game

$39.99 Regular Price
$21.99Sale Price
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