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Most students retain 10% of the information they learn from lectures, and 20% from textbooks, but with our products, they reach well above 70% retention. Historical Conquest™ is much more than just a game; it is a product, or set of tools, to help people learn history. With our system, we provide games, curriculum, activities, and much more - around each era of history, and everything in between - and we link it together in the player's brain for storage. Try it for free, today!

The Truth About Learning History

Normally it's: expensive, boring, and
full of ineffective memorizataion

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Historical Conquest: The Game

- Name and Date of each topic
- Summary of the topic's history

- Abilities they have in the game

- References points & strength of card

Game Components include:
- 6 Starter Decks (each player needs a deck)
- 9 Expansion packs (add additional cards to your deck
- 6 Play Mats (Stretchable, wrinkle-free, washable boards)
- 1 set of Figurines (Mark your Morale with historic characters)


to Play

The game play is easy: just twenty steps, and a 6 minute process to learn. However, the game is rich in strategy and complexity! The game never ends the same way twice.

DID YOU KNOW: According to the NAEP (National Report Card), students in the US have made 0% progress in their academic record.

We decided to make a difference! Welcome to the most interactive history website available online. We pride ourselves on using new innovation, to make learning and remembering history fun and exciting. We want students to enjoy learning. This system integrates all seven learning styles, to help students immerse themselves in history. The usage of age appropriate, relatable material, allows students to become familiar with all parts of History. This approach also helps them retain significantly more information, because they are enjoying the learning process. In the age of technological advancements, we can do better.




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5) It's just a lot of fun. Come join us. 

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