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Submissions Start September 4th (Labor Day)
(Deadline for Entries is December 1, 2023)

This year will be unquestionably the hardest list of entries to choose but almost every great entry can be a winner. Here are the three ways to win: 
1) 1st place will receive a $500 scholarship and a stack of the card they submitted.
2) 2nd thru 12th receive a stack of the cards they submitted.
3) All cards outside the top 12 will have a chance to be printed in the Randomized Booster pack: Click Here...

Here are the rules: 

1) Have fun!!! That is the first and great rule of this contest. 

2) Submit all entries through this link:

3) All entries must be 50 years dead.

4) Keep away from names such as J.R.R. Tolkien (they are trademarked)

5) Let's stay away from biblical figures/events unless they are in secular history. 

6) You may enter as many times as you like for a better chance to win.

7) You will need to enter the name, date, summary, and abilities to qualify. 

8) Don't waste your time on cards that are already made, these are for new ideas.

Check out all current cards at:









If you missed it, here is a video explaining the contest...

(FYI: The images on the cards are all from Public Domain and will be replaced each month as they are released. 


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