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Most Interactive Way to Learn History

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Most students retain 10% of the information they learn from lectures, and 20% from textbooks, but with our products, they reach well above 70% retention. Historical Conquest™ is much more than just a game; it is a product, or set of tools, to help people learn history. With our system, we provide games, curriculum, activities, and much more - around each era of history, and everything in between - and we link it together in the player's brain for storage. Try it for free, today!

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How to Play

Historical Conquest: The Physical Card Game

The game play is easy: just twenty steps, and a 6 minute process to learn. However, the game is rich in strategy and complexity!  And the game never ends the same way twice. 


Introducing: The Adventure Box

Learning history can sometimes be boring, BUT NO MORE... 

Embark on an exhilarating journey through time with our Monthly Box History Course, designed to make history come alive right in your mailbox! Perfect for students, parents, and educators alike, each box is packed with thrilling educational treasures that transform learning into an adventure.













Every month, you'll receive:

  • Historical Conquest Expansion pack playing cards based on the curriculum you are learning - 20 cards about the topic;

  • Engaging History Lesson Plans: Dive deep into a fresh, captivating topic each month, full of engaging material;

  • Fun Activities for All Ages: Enjoy hands-on activities tailored for K-12 students, ensuring every learner has fun;

  • Cross-Curricular Lessons: Enhance your learning experience with integrated Math, English, and Science lessons.

  • Creative Coloring Pages: Bring history to life with stress relief coloring pages that correspond monthly topic;

  • Online Learning Platform Access: Gain access to our plethera of online tools: HuntThePast and Xogos Gaming. 

Whether you're a home educator or a classroom teacher, our course is designed with you in mind. You don't need to be a history expert; our comprehensive pre-class materials and in-class activities will guide you every step of the way, helping you become a history aficionado alongside your students.

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Ambassadors: Host tournaments every month, nationwide

Sign up to host your own tournaments and receive many benefits



Here are some of the benefits:

1) Receive rare cards and prizes, for your students, every month.

2) Make money on the side:

     a) Sell your own inventory. Steep discounts for Ambassadors;

     b) Take orders at the tournaments. No overhead needed;

     c) Receive a discount code to share with friends and family;

     d) Receive a commission for signing up retailers who sell HC.

3) Meet like-minded people who enjoy the game.

4) Host local tournaments for social, educational, and other groups.

5) Receive all new inventory first, before they are sold to the public.

6) It's just a lot of fun. Come join us. 

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Learn about the American Revolution

By playing the game that is all about the turn of a nation...

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Play Historical Conquest Digital

Welcome to the video game platform, Xogos Gaming Portal

With the help of Xogos Gaming, educational gaming library, we are hosting our first video game now available in beta testing. 

Those who sign up for Xogos can gain early access to the game and experience the thrill of playing with players (other students) around the world. Give it a try today at

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Seasoned players as well as new comers can learn to play. In beta format we have one deck of cards available to try. When it comes out of beta-phase we will be introducing new packs all the time, testing them in the digital realm before making them for the physical game. Check it out today.

Most Interactive, History-Based, Learning Platform

DID YOU KNOW: According to the NAEP (National Report Card), students in the US have made 0% progress in their academic record.

We decided to make a difference! Welcome to the most interactive history website available online. We pride ourselves on using new innovation, to make learning and remembering history fun and exciting. We want students to enjoy learning. This system integrates all seven learning styles, to help students immerse themselves in history. The usage of age appropriate, relatable material, allows students to become familiar with all parts of History. This approach also helps them retain significantly more information, because they are enjoying the learning process. In the age of technological advancements, we can do better.

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Reinforce your Math Skills through Gaming

Totally Medieval is a game where each player plays at their own math level

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Learn about Historical Conquest: The Game

The cards look like Pokemon, the game plays like Risk (only shorter), but 
where all card topics are history-based.

Learn More and 

Receive Discounts

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My Channel

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At-Home Learning is Boring... Let's Fix That - Take 2

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Totally Medieval: The Epic Game - Now Live on Kickstarter

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Welcome to Historical Conquest: Our Mission and Promo Video

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Historical Conquest: How to Play Tutorial (NEW - Extended Edition)

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