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We Still Remember You... September 11th


To All Those Who Read This Message,

Since today is September 11th, I wanted to talk about this horrible and yet special time in US History. It was a time when people put aside their differences and as Americans banded together to support the victims of this horrible terrorist attack there hearts were turned to love. I still remember the day like it was yesterday, but it was 18 years ago.

These horrible attacks happen throughout the world, usually by people driven by the same feelings of hatred towards someone who is different. It is this feeling that makes you blind, that you can't empathize with the other side, this message is for the attackers and the victims. This feeling creates division and perpetuates these acts of violence. If there is something you can learn from history it is that these violent attacks don't solve anything, they don't stop the acts that you are fight over, and they only make it worse for everyone.

These types of attacks are not just happening in the United States but all around the world. Vicitims are of every nationality, faith, skin color, or any other difference you can think. Yet if we turn against anyone because a lunitic of the same faith, nationality, or any of these differences, in the end it will only produce more acts of hatred.

In history, hatred has never been the answer. Love has always been the answer, even if that love was when the United State and so many other country decided to enter a war to help the victims of the attackers. For example, when Hitler was attacking Europe, the United States, Canada, and many other outside countries answered the call and hundreds of thousands risked their lives to help our brothers overseas. That is the greatest act of love, for a man or woman to let down their life for another.

So on this day that will live in infamy, let us remember to love our neighbors. For no love was shown more than the first responders who help hundreds exit the Trade Towers before they fell. That was pure love to sacrifice their lives for others.

History shows that love has been the answer and when push comes to shove even war can we fought out of love for others, a bully being stood up to on the playground, an employee standing up against his boss because something wrong was occuring or you sharing what has been provided for you to someone else in need.

These are just a few things that show love but the one I want to plant in your mind right now, and it is so easy to do, is to find someone that is struggling and give them a big hug. If you can't give them a hug then give them a smile of encouragement. This can be your simple act of love and kindness to your best friend or someone that you really don't like. Spread the love and it will come back to you 1000 fold.

I hope you remember this day, our day of remembrance and understanding of our differences and our similarities, and how these can help us progress together. We are all part of the human race with different opportunities for greatness and we are all children of a loving God, no matter what name you call them.

This is my prayer that we can look for similarities and build upon them.

Sincerely, with all the love in my heart,

Zack Edwards

Creator of Historical Conquest

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