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A Diverse History

One of the most common complaints about history curriculums is the lack of diversity. When companies only want to summarize “key” points or people, they leave out important parts of the story. In attempts to cram large stretches of history into only a few page, we lose the people and events who make history interesting. Of course, learning about George Washington is important for every American, but we should also learn about heroes like Salem Poor and Catherine Barry. We should learn the struggles faced by James Armistead and the Iroquois Nation. We all know about the Battle of Yorktown, but what about the Battle of Guilford Courthouse or Pontiac’s War?

With our first curriculum, Historical Conquest wanted to break the mold. We not only wanted to create an innovative online program, but we also wanted to provide students with the story of the American Revolution. Not just an account of George Washington and his wooden teeth (which is fictitious!), but a full and rich story that showed multiple points of views, including the British side of things. (They aren’t the villains that some histories make them out to be!)

The story of humanity is a diverse one, told not just by the “winners,” but by the unrecognized people who helped build nations, the people of fallen nations, and those who were subjected to grave injustices. When we create curriculums that don’t provide the full story, we’re doing history an injustice. We’re also causing biases that result in conflicts today.

Historical Conquest started as a tabletop card game. The creator, Zack, not only wanted to teach students history in a fun way, but he also wanted to highlight people and events that didn’t get mentioned in the history books. With the help of our historian, we’ve carried that mindset with us in the creation of the Historical Conquest American Revolution Curriculum.

To learn more about our curriculum, or to check out our new monthly subscription packages check out

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