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This is the first Math game of its kind and we know you will love it. Its a mixture of Chess, Math, and Medieval times. We are trying to change a culture that gaming has to be all about make believe and removing ourselves from reality. Instead, we can use it to learn and grow while simply having fun. Tangible games are very important in learning because it uses 3 of the 5 senses we have (sight, hearing, touch) and this makes learning retention more effective.

About the game: Alliance or war: compete or cooperate in the amazing world of Totally Medieval. But be wary, and trust no one, because even the game is against you. You can fight as Vikings or Knights, then as we expand you can take the sides of fictional and mythological characters.

This is only the first phase to Totally Medieval and there are 5 phases to reach: Chess, Cooperative, Expansion, Fantasy, Mythology, and much more. We will share more of the separate phases in the following weeks.

Funding So Far: With over 36% of the funds already raised and 60+ pre-orders made, Totally Medieval is being released in December 2018. The question is, will you join us on this journey? Please support our fundraiser:

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