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Memorial Day: Sam Houston is Dead

Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1793 in Virginia. He is remembered for helping Native Americans and aiding the people of Texas in their battle for independence.

In 1806, his father, Major Samuel Houston, sold their family farm. Sadly, Major Samuel died before they could move, but the farm had already been sold. The family immigrated and began farming in Tennessee.

Sam didn't like farming, and his brothers were always bossing him around, so when he was 15 he ran away from home. For three years, he lived with the Cherokee Nation.

Sam liked to read books about heroes, and because he loved to read, he became a teacher. He taught school for one year, where he was a good storyteller and teacher.

In 1813, at the age of 21, Sam became a soldier. He was wounded in battle, so he left the army and, in 1818, began working as a lawyer.

In 1823, he was elected to Congress, and in 1827 he became governor of Tennessee.

Sam became a member of the Cherokee Nation in 1829 and quit being governor. He was chosen to speak for the Cherokee people in Washington DC. In 1831, President Jackson sent him to Texas to work with Native Americans who lived there.

Texas was controlled by Mexico at this time, but wanted to be independent. Mexican forces fought and defeated the Texas army at the Battle of the Alamo. Sam led the Texas army to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Santa Ana, the leader of the Mexican army, surrendered in 1836 and Texas gained independence. Sam was elected as the first President of the Republic of Texas. When Texas entered the Union, Sam was elected as the US Senator for Texas. He would later become the Governor of the State of Texas. In 1863, Sam Houston died at the age of 70.

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