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A Student Driven Curriculum and Interactive Adventure into the American Revolution

We have had dozens of pre-orders without releasing much information so I wanted to share with you a little more of our vision in our new curriculum. I shared this in an email with a parent who was asking questions about the American Revolution curriculum last week and I think you may also be interested in hearing this new concept:

"Here is a sneak peek at the Illustrated Encyclopedia that will be the first half of the curriculum. Each illustrated page will contain links to battles these famous people fought and people of whom they associated. From these pages will also be links to Activities, Assessments, and Lesson plans.

The plan is that this program will be 95% student driven with parents basically giving guidance, when needed, and checking their scorecards. That's right, there is a score card for this curriculum. The encyclopedia pages (like the one shown above) are to lead the students down a rabbit hole or adventure into the lives and battles of the British and Patriots. The activities will be interactive with video direction so students can do it on their own, or with friends, and the parents can accomplish other important things... OR they may have fun participating in creating forts, hand cannons, and other exciting activities with their kids.

As I said, "this is a curriculum like none other."

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