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Welcome to the most interactive history website available online. We pride ourselves on using new innovation to make learning and remembering history fun and exciting. Much more than just learning but enjoying. This system teaches with all seven learning styles to help student immerse themselves in history and becoming familiar with historical topics with a down to earth perspective.

This purchase is for one entire year of learning for your student at their level (one level at elementary, middle, or high school). Enjoy!


With your support, every penny from memberships goes to hiring the best historians/writers from around the world. These funds are sacred to us. We only use them the progress this website and the learning of youth and adults. You will gain information from around the world, using source documents and not just books that are written from opinion. With each level of membership comes more access for your students. This is age appropriate materials and resources so you never need to worry what your children are viewing.

Yearly Subscription to (One School Level)

$120.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
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