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Base Entrance includes:

Entrance into the tournament 


Historical Conquest Is launching its first Regional Tournaments. There will be two hosted across the United States this year. The first is in Collinsville, IL October 27.


Next year we will host 5-6 Regionals (locations TBD) and 1 National Tournament in Kansas City, MO The National World War I museum is sponsoring the gathering and we are making packages of other sites to visit during your stay. 


The Regional Tournament is set up to test a player's skill at playing HIstorical Conquest, so the first-day customized decks are allowed, the second they are not. 


Friday we invite all players to bring their favorite deck and compete. We will have two levels to compete: Beginner-Novice and Expert. Those who do not know how to play will be taught by the creator. (Friday only)


Saturday we invite all players to attend but no customized decks are allowed. We will have all players bring there own HC 2.0 Standard Deck (minus the Vesuvius Deck), removing all rare cards as well. Those that buy the Upgrade will also receive a Starter deck, in addition to the Regional Tournament T-Shirt "Edison had no Clue". You will be able to choose which deck you want. (again, minus Vesuvius).


If you have any questions please email us as soon as possible ( for there is only a limited amount of room at the store and when they are gone, they are gone.

BASE ENTRANCE FEE: Regional Tournament Ticket

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