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We know everyone has been trying to obtain these ultra-rare cards, which came from the Create Your Own Card contest (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). These were only available at tournaments, conventions, or if you purchased something from our online store. There were no other ways of getting them... until now. Each month, on the first week of each month we will display the rare card to collect. In order to obtain that card, you must write a one page, 12-font, double space report of any type about the card. The essay could be about the subject itself, how it effects us today, something that happened because of the event or person, or something else that is relevant and note worthy. For this report, we will reward you with the rare card you reported on and if you are the top entry we will publish your essay for thousands to read in our newsletter and our magazine. That's right, you could be 8 years old and become a published author. How cool is that? Don't worry, we will proofread it.

Rare Card (L)Earning Program (Families, 1-Year Membership, up to 5 Players)

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