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Embark on an exhilarating journey through time with our Monthly Box History Course, designed to make history come alive right in your mailbox! Perfect for students and educators alike, each box is packed with thrilling educational treasures that transform learning into an adventure.

Every month, you'll receive:

  • Historical Conquest Playing Cards: Expand your Historical Conquest game with new, beautifully illustrated cards featuring historical figures and events.
  • Engaging History Lesson Plans: Dive deep into a fresh, captivating topic each month, complete with detailed lesson plans that make teaching history a breeze.
  • Fun Activities for All Ages: Enjoy hands-on activities tailored for K-12 students, ensuring every learner is engaged and excited to explore.
  • Cross-Curricular Lessons: Enhance your learning experience with integrated math, English, and science lessons that complement the monthly history topic.
  • Creative Coloring Pages: Bring history to life with coloring pages that correspond with the month's theme, perfect for younger learners and creative minds.
  • Online Learning Platform Access: Unlock a treasure trove of digital resources, including an animated history curriculum and interactive video games that make learning engaging.

Whether you're a home educator or a classroom teacher, our course is designed with you in mind. You don't need to be a history expert; our comprehensive pre-class materials and in-class activities will guide you every step of the way, helping you become a history aficionado alongside your students.


Pre-Order Your Box and Enjoy these Savings

Ancient History:

  • August - African (including Carthage) (Two Starter Decks + One Expansion)You will be able to choose the first two Starter Decks, with a subscription)\
  • September - Ancient Mesopotamia (One Expansion Pack)
  • October - Egypt (One Expansion Pack, new mat with monthly subscriptions)
  • November - Indus Valley and Indian Civilizations (One Expansion Pack)
  • December – Israelites (One Expansion Pack)
  • January - China (One Expansion Pack, new mat with monthly subscriptions)
  • February - Greece (One Expansion Pack)
  • March - Roman (First Expansion Game on just the Roman Expansion)
  • April - Persians (One Expansion Pack)
  • May - Mesoamerica (Olmec, Incan, Mayan) (One Expansion Pack)
  • More to come afterwards



Early American History:

  • American History:August - Mesoamerican History (Two Starter Deck + One Expansion)Choose the first two Starter Decks, with a subscription)
  • September - Age of Exploration (One Expansion Pack)
  • October - Colonial America (One Expansion Pack)
  • November - American Revolution (First Expansion Game)Individual Boxes will include an Expansion Pack, subscriptions will receive the American Revolution Expansion Game)
  • December - Native American (One Expansion Pack)
  • January - Slavery and Antebellum Period (One Expansion Pack)
  • February - Wild West (One Expansion Pack & Little Bighorn Playmat)
  • March - Civil War (One Expansion Pack)
  • April - Industrial Revolution (One Expansion Pack)
  • May - World War I (One Expansion Pack)

Here is what these orders will include:
(Keep these boxes to use for each student in your family)

  • Expansion Pack for each of these units
  • Lesson plans for Parents or Teachers - with lessons for all ages.

    Lessons include, global events, archeology, and vocabulary)

  • Activities for each unit - Four to five lesson plans for each
  • Coloring pages
  • Cross-Curricular Activities for all levels of Math
  • Cross Curricular Activities for all levels of Science
  • Tests and Assessments for (Beginner, Middle, and Advanced Learners)
  • Access to the Monthly Rare Card Program
  • Access to Xogos Gaming video games and interactive history

  • Yearly (Save 20%) - $320/year
  • Monthly (Save12.5%) - $34/year
  • Individual Boxes - $40

Individual Boxes - Monthly Adventure Curriculum: Early American History

$50.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
Price Options
Monthly Adventure
Monthly Subscription, Save 30%
$35.00every month until canceled
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