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Historical Conquest™: The American Revolution Expansion Game is a unique and exciting card game in which players take the side of the British or American Colonists. Use the resources of these two groups to take over the 13 colonies and 7 of the surrounding territories. Use characters from the existing game as well as those of the new Starter Pack of just American Revolution, these include heroes, villains, leaders, assassins, battles, armies and more from this era. Each card is complete with fantastic illustrations and intriguing summaries of people, places, and events from history. The abilities of each card used in the game relate to the abilities these individuals actually had during their lives. Only you can control who will win control of the 13 colonies and surrounding areas.


Historical Conquest™: The American Revolution Curriculum includes a digital encyclopedia of characters, armies, documents, battles, and more throughout the war (as shown in product images, above). This encyclopedia will provide links to activities, teacher's lesson plans, and assessments for the students. Links leading outside this document will include only kid-safe sites for additional research or 3rd party interactive activities. Activities include colonial chores, fashion, recipes, and all type of fun for the student and families. Unlike other curricula, this curriculum will continue to be updated at no future charge to the customer. 


Use these two products together for the ultimate guide in teaching your students about the American Revolution.

DIGITAL/PHYSICAL - American Revolutionary Game and Curriculum

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