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To those who haven't participated in the past...

Every year on September 1st Historical Conquest hosts our annual 'Create Your Own Card' contest. Everyone can participate to find their favorite historical subject and enter it to become a rare card for the game. The winner gets $500 and their card published. 2nd to 12th place winners will have their card published and receive a stack of them. The initial 12 winners are chosen by Historical Conquest staff and then the #1 is picked by the public.

Last year it was a very tight race with hundreds of entries. In the end Dmitri Mendeleev won and became January's rare card to be passed out at conventions, tournaments, and with any purchase over our internet store. This year we create one more way to claim these rare cards and that is through our Rare Card (L)Earning Program: CLICK HERE. Take a look at all the winners from last year CLICK HERE and when each card will be passed out and start entering your own selection of cards, starting September 1, 2018. Submit your entry now. Remember, according to the rules, do not submit people who are still alive or haven't been dead at least 50 years, biblical figures/events, or anything that is inappropriate for an 8 year old to read.

This year we have made a video to explain the rules. If there are any questions, go to the YouTube page for this video and place your questions in the comment section, or you can always email us For each entry you submit, there is a gift for you to claim. Enter as many times as you would like. The more interesting the history the more likely it is to be chosen.

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