The Infamous Geronimo

Geronimo was quite an infamous Native American. From birth to burial, he led an exciting life. Throughout his travels he acquired the nickname “The worst Indian who ever lived” from white settlers, but how did he get such a nickname?

Well, he was a major influence in the Apache-conflict. He staged many raids and attacks on the U.S and Mexican armies. Surprisingly, Geronimo was not a chief, he was a medicine man. He was well respected in his tribe and by others.

Geronimo, also known as “the one who yawns,” was born in 1829 near Turkey Creek in New Mexico. After his father’s death, and in accordance with traditional Apache ways, his mother took him to live with the Tchihende. At the age of seventeen, he married his first of nine wives, Alope. Over the years Geronimo had many children sadly some of whom were killed during counter raids from the U.S and Mexico.

Geronimo became obsessed with revenge and led raids and attacks on his enemies. Eventually, he and a band of thirty-eight men, women, and children had to flee from the Mexican military. They managed to evade them for over a year before being captured.

Originally, Geronimo subscribed to the traditional Apache religion, but once he became a prisoner of war he converted to Christianity.

He died February 17, 1909, of pneumonia after he was thrown from his horse, and was left in the cold overnight. But Geronimo lives on in modern day music, movies, and art. He is remembered as one of history's most colorful characters.

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