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I'm a full-time homeschooling mom to two boys (DOB 12/17/09 and 12/15/13) and a girl (DOB 08/08/17). We live half an hour north of Nashville, TN and discovered Historical Conquest at Teach Them Diligently's Nashville conference in early 2018. I purchased the WHOLE package there and sat on it until Christmas of that year as a surprise for my older son. (Meanwhile, we were beta testers of Totally Medieval and purchased the WHOLE package for that game.)

In short, we LOVE Zack Edwards's gamified learning concept. I'm using HC in a homeschool co-op enrichment class, and although I never intended to become an ambassador...I can see my husband (a former MtG player who rarely ever gets in on our educational games) pushing us in that direction.

Bevin Meadows
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