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Introducing the Game Design course that will help you design and develop a well thought out and a well-tested game that people will love to play, you will be able to sell, or it needs to go back to the drawing board. You can decide as you move forward what kind of game you would like to establish (card, board, miniature, video game or all four). We will help you with our own experience and design a game right beside you all the way through the course. For any subjects we are not experts we will have guest speaker/experts teaching you their profession. Join us as we start your adventure through game design. (This plan will charge you $89.99 one time and the links and classes will last one year)


Course material provided in this purchase include:

Full course curriculum (56 sections)

Activities for each section

The game design journal

Graduation gift for finishing this Game Design Course 

(These products come incrementally for that weeks class)


Here is the schedule of the classes:

1st Month - Getting to the core of what you want to design

2nd-3rd Month - Card Game Development

4th-5th Month - Board Game Development

6th-7th Month - Miniature Tabletop Game Development

8th-9th Month - Video Game Development

10th Month - Manufacturing/Publishing

11th Month - Funding (You need to know the Manufacturing cost before looking for funding)

12th Month - Marketing and Selling your Game

Game Design Course by Zack Edwards (Flat Rate $89.99)

$120.00 Regular Price
$84.00Sale Price
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