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The student that learns the most is usually the teacher.

History Lesson Plans

Some students need an added push when it comes to History. Let's make it fun...

Our hearts go out to all the teachers in the world, those from public schools to those who teach at home. After months of lessons taught, it comes to a period where it's not just the student that get tired but the teacher as well. We want to help you out with those lessons. We want to give you additional tools, beyond our game that can help you help your students get excited about history.


Engagement is the number one struggle for teachers. They want their kids to be engaged but sometimes it's hard to keep them interested. It may be time to try something new. Here are some things that may help.


1. DRESS-UP ROCKS: Dress-up is not only an elementary school activity. One way to do this, to get the students interested, is call up your local, large thrift store and ask them a month in advance if they can put together a box of dress-up clothes. This means you get first pick of everything that comes in certain sizes. You can work with the thrift store that other classes can use these clothes as well to do the same lesson plan. 


To entice the students to participate, give an example of an exciting story, mostly for the boys, where they can be the hero and then tell them to find their own epic story from the same time period. This will do more than learning your story, but it will allow them to do research on a list of events, searching out the own suitable for their level of "coolness". This becomes more than a single activity but a week long adventure to find the right story. If they don't want to dress up, they don't need to but you know many will accept.


Another opportunity is to find the one person that much of the class will follow and pull them to the side and ask for a favor from them, whether extra credit or for just a thank you, that they take a lead in the activity. If this person is struggling, this may just be the opportunity they need to get motivated.

2. TIME LINE: Have each student pick from a list of events in a certain era. 

3. HUMAN CHESS: Run a human time line. 




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