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Debt-Free Millionaire™ is a unique and exciting board game in which players compete to get out of debt, out of the rat race, invest wisely, and make their first million, all while dealing with budgets, taxes, and other real life situations. Pick an avatar and play its life with many different careers and debts to choose from, or play as yourself (option made for adults) using your debt and investments to map out your future. This game promotes Dave Ramsey's debt-free teachings, as well as Robert Kiyosaki's lessons on investing, but with real life scenarios. You too could become a millionaire with no debt and less stress, and learning it by playing Debt-Free Millionaire. Also look for future expansions such as The College Years, Real Estate Investing, and many more.

To all potential buyers, this purchase is a pre-order and you will receive the first copies to be released, if there is an update that is needed, you will receive that update for free. This game will be released in July 2020. We hope you enjoy because we have enjoyed developing it, as well as playing this game. Remember, everyone can become a millionaire if they are taught how but it does take hard work.

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